Doctor Who Action Figures

Nowadays, when you mention Doctor Who people will generally know who and what you’re talking about. With its international Tardis Toysfame transcending to over 40 countries, it’s no surprise that almost everyone has heard of this famous doctor. But just in case you’ve been living in a cave somewhere for the last 50 years, void of television, radio, or any other technology; then here’s a quick review of Doctor Who.

In 1963, the popular British television program made its debut. It was about an alien humanoid doctor who used his TARDIS, also known as a blue police box, to travel through time and space. On his journeys he battled evil scientists, monsters, aliens, robots and the like. He continues his journey reincarnating into different doctors. Fast forward to year 2005, this critically acclaimed British program makes a comeback after 16 years and graces the television screens of homes everywhere once again.

Now we’re in the age of Doctor Who fans, Doctor Who lovers, and Doctor Who enthusiasts who know everything there is to know about the show. Some people live, breath and eat all things Doctor Who. Companies somewhat struggle to keep up with the demands of the shows fan base; they’re always trying to come out with the newest computer games, or a newly designed T-shirt, or a one of a kind Doctor Who collectible plate. Of all the Doctor Who merchandise available, Doctor Who Action Figures would have to be deemed one of the most purchased and collected.

They come in every single character that has ever appeared on the Doctor Who show. In addition to the main characters, you also get the side kicks, the bad guys and other ugly creatures that battled against the Doctor. If you know a big Doctor Who fan, then these action figures would make a great gift for their birthday, a special holiday, or just because. They come individually or as sets, and they’re so affordable. Purchase them anywhere Doctor Who merchandise or toys in general are sold.

Below are just a few examples of Doctor Who action figures.

Complete your collection with not only the action figures, but also play sets that include the TARDIS console room, the Pandorica, the Time of Angels and others. They can easily provide hours of playtime for Doctor Who fans of all ages. And for enthusiasts everywhere; they make a wonderful addition to any collection. After all, you can never have too many Doctor Who Action Figures.


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